Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners

Gem Celebrations are wedding planners for those seeking beautiful, professional and unique wedding celebrations in Northampton, Kettering or Milton Keynes.

We have built a great reputation for designing outstanding wedding planning for small intimate celebrations and large and splendid wedding. We always provide a first class planning service to arrange an unforgettable wedding event. We know that this is perhaps the most important event in your life, lets make it the best beautiful wedding, as it will stay in your memory forever and we want it to be the happiest day of your life.


Gem Celebrations have a passion for their work and we love what we do and always strive to make sure all the weddings we plan are amazing and make many happy and lasting memories. Wedding PlannersThe main aspect of our business is our wedding organising, designing, planning and management services. We work with our clients in creating a memorable wedding celebration that exceeds their expectations and passes all the stress to us leaving the client to enjoy the arranging and preparation with no hassle. Our very personal approach ensures the weddings we plan are always organised perfectly and run smoothly, truly reflecting our clients as individuals and reflecting their values and sense of what they want.


We work exclusively in the wedding events industry, we have an inhouse network of talent wedding planners and event suppliers who meet our very high standards of  service, wherever we work in the UK. We know that outstanding planning and organisation help make your wedding become your perfect dream a once in a lifetime experience.  Wedding planning for an individual can be very stressful, as you may not have all the contacts you need and forget some crucial elements. We are here to plan your wedding for you, while you just tell us what you want. We never forget the crucial elements, as this is our job. The wedding day is all about making it the best day in your lives!


From the day you start your wedding action plan in process your wedding moves quickly. Leaving all the preparation and arranging to Gem Celebrations wedding planning service means every detail is always taken care of for you, so that you and your loved one can focus on enjoying your wedding day with no stress.


Not only will the lead up to your wedding day be stress-free, the day itself will be one that you can enjoy to the full as you watch all your wedding plans come into action. We take care of every detail, right down to the very smallest aspect of flowers. Gem Celebrations wedding planning service revolves around providing you and your guests with an exceptional experience from start to finish and we will strive to make it perfect.


To find out more details about our wedding planning in Northampton, Kettering or Milton Keynes Call  07792243392  Email:


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