Northampton Wedding Services

Northampton Wedding Services

So now you have a date in mind, preparations can begin where you do you start? The stress kicks in and anxiety goes through the roof.  It’s time to call in the professionals and that is us. We have over 30 years of experience in providing Northampton wedding services. We can meet up with you to plan and discuss the look and feel of your wedding day, how you vision your wedding day and see things moving forward. We will are here to advise you on the best course of action to achieve the wedding you desire with all the trimmings. We understand how important the design of your wedding venue will be as part of your wedding day and we take pride in helping you achieve the results you invision in your mind. There is no reason why you cannot have your dream, even if it is only for one day.


We can advise you on every aspect of your wedding day event and if you make the choice, we can take care of everything leaving you stress free and relaxed before, during and after your wedding day. We can provide table linen, chair covers, draping, fun food stalls, stationary as well mood lighting, flowers, wedding favours and a whole lot more. The list is endless for your wedding!

Northampton Wedding ServicesWe can include everything in one package at a highly affordable price including our experienced fit and install services. We take pride in your wedding day and want it to reflect the best in you and in us, team work. Gem celebrations offer a large range of hire items and products in a vast variety of colours, fabric and styles. All products and items have been carefully selected by ourselves so we know the finish and craftsmanship is perfect. We also have our own professional in-house seamstress to make any alterations and changes, so that we can create bespoke and special individual services to each client, as needed.

We started in 2010 however we have or 30 years experience in the hospitality and events industry and we also specialise in weddings with the main focus being customer satisfaction. Complete attention to detail with a professional service  that are here to create an unforgettable experience for each and every client, with no exceptions.


We like to work with our clients and create a personal relationship that allows us to create your wedding day event without forgetting any details even tiny one’s. We like making your dreams into a reality, an unforgettable day.  Contact us any time online or by telephone and we will gladly offer you a free no obligation quote or simply speak to us for help and advice on our Northampton wedding services and how we can bring our expertise and experience to your wedding day to enhance your vision and dreams.


To find out more details about our wedding planning in Northampton, Kettering or Milton Keynes Call  07792243392  Email:


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