Fun Food Stand Hire

Fun Food Stand Hire

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a huge difference to a look or feel for a room. No doubt you have set out a luxurious multi course dinner for guests and the wine is flowing too. However we can help you make it even more of a fantastic evening with our fun food stand hire. We can supply and hire candy floss carts, chocolate fountains and also fun sweet stands. All designed in a way to capture the inner child in you and make you smile. With fancy novelty baskets, carts and sweets displays it’s not just the sweets or food that tastes good but the displays look great and nostalgic.


Fun Food Stand HireFun food stand hire can create a lasting memory for the event as it totally fun and everybody loves fun, plus the stand look fabulous and everybody wants have one. No doubt you’ll have to watch that one person who keeps sneaking out to visit the fun food stands and eating all the treats. Obviously it goes without saying children will love these too. They are ideal for any event. The other popular food services hire is the chocolate fountain hire, with an assortment of food to dips to dip in your fountain such as strawberries, marshmallows and other sweets or treats like sliced bananas also work well as does all fruits. You can arrange any food fun you want to add and make it more interesting, you have the idea we can help you bring it all to life.

Other popular Fun Food Stands are popcorn stand hire, which has cute handy popcorn baskets to carry it around or back to your seat to watch the event you are attending. We don’t only supply the stand hire, but can also supply all items even the food, so you don’t have to do anything at all, just relax and maybe sneak a bite or 2 yourself. I would and it’s good to taste your treats first hand!


Lets not forget the candyfloss, who can resist the temptation for our candyfloss cart hire too, everyone loves candyfloss from big kids to little kids like yourself. We include all you need to, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our fun food stand hire services cover all you will require.

We can even run them if you need someone to help run the stands making sure things are kept topped up and looking fab during the event.

A tip! Don’t place any of your fun food stands too close to people or nothing will be left after a few hours as people love old style sweets and if they can reach the stand without moving of their chair they will eat them all.


Fun Food Stand Themes – Who doesn’t like sweets, this is where our sweet stall hire comes into action. Maybe you want a retro 80’s sweets theme or a novelty new tasting fun food theme. We can help with this by stocking any type of sweets you like, maybe we can even brand the sweets to go with your company business or logo and even colour schemes, just let us know your idea and it done.

Speak to us on about how we can help you organise a fantastic event for your business no matter what the event topic or awards, Christmas, ceremony etc. Just contact us today and we do all the rest, we can help and advise you on the best course of action for your big day and night. We also help you with any fun food stand hire or chocolate fountain hire you need. Lets not forget about the fun candyfloss cart hire as well as the sweets stalls we offer, the options are endless in what you can do for your guests at your event to make it even more special. Email or call us today.


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